Product Overview

IDprop: Product Overview

IDprop is the first and only Property Management platform offering Biometric ID Verification and multiple fraud risk mitigation controls.

The system includes a special Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication login, that is almost hack-proof as the PIN is never transmitted or stored. It is entered onto a special keypad so even a keylogger could not detect it and should a device be lost or stolen, the login would fail after a few incorrect attempts. This provides clients with a secure platform to run their business, as well as a secure invoice portal to mitigate phishing fraud.

IDprop allows businesses to automate workflows, meet regulatory requirements, improve the customer experience and generate significant cost savings.

IDprop covers the full spectrum of Property Management: Self-Storage, Residential, Single & Multi-Family, Affordable Housing, Senior Housing, Community Associations, Student Housing, as well as Commercial Property.

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