Property Management ERP Software

Cloud-Based Business Process Automation

IDprop: Overview

IDprop provides an all-in-one, cloud-based property management solution with multiple fraud risk mitigation controls. Automate workflows, improve the customer experience with real-time dashboards and generate significant cost savings. All software is built internally.

IDprop covers the full spectrum of Property Management: Self-Storage, Residential, Single & Multi-Family, Affordable Housing, Community Associations, Student Housing, as well as Commercial Property.

Key Features

  • Significant Time & Cost-Savings
  • 10 Dashboards
  • CRM, Property Accounting, Invoicing, Online Payments,     Maintenance, Alerts, E-Signing, Messaging, Surveys
  • Multiple Fraud Risk Controls
  • Key-Based 2-Factor Authentication login, using a PIN which is
         never transmitted or stored, making it close to hack-proof
  • Assign one or multiple owners and apportion CAM expenses

  • CRM, Tenant Screening & Onboarding
  • CRM: Manage owner leads with dashboard and analytics
  • Lead Management, Vacancy Searches & Online Bookings
  • Automated Tenant Screening
  • Biometric ID Verification
  • E-Signing, Contracts & Document Storage

  • Collaberation, Messaging & Surveys
  • Real-Time Encrypted Messaging: Inbox, Sent Items and     Message Threads
  • Team Collaboration
  • Tasks
  • Project Management: Assign Resources and Monitor Projects     with Gant Charts
  • Surveys: Likert, Multi-Choice & Open-Ended
  • Invoicing, Payments, Reporting, Accounting & Arrears
  • Accounting (Journal, GL, AP, AR, Assign Expenses, Trial Balance,      Ageing Reports), customised for Property Management
  • Secure Automated Invoicing & Fraud Controls
  • Online Payments (OpenBanking, ACH & Cards)
  • Automate Fees and Invoicing
  • Payment Reports
  • Transactions & Commissions Management
  • Arrears Management

  • Maintenance & Compliance
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Management,
         Pre-Approve All Costs & Automate Invoicing
  • Compliance & Warranty Management

  • Dashboard, Reports & Analytics
  • 10 Dashboards including CRM
  • Real-Time Reports & Data Analytics
  • Filter Reports by location and users

  • Concierge
  • Manage Building Mail
  • Enter, View and Update Building Bookings
  • Manage Meter Readings


Global Corporate Fraud 2020


Companies Experienced In Fraud The Last 24 Months

$ 42 Billion

In Fraud Losses

726 Billion

In Digital Payment Transactions

Protecting Against External Fraud

Key Risks

E-Mail is insecure. Messages and attachments are unencrypted and may be intercepted. Should a hacker intercept an invoice, your clients may be subject to Phishing attacks and end up wiring funds to the hacker!

Use a 3rd party E-Signing provider that emails links and a hacker may gain access to confidential data.

Our Solutions

Key-Based (2-FA) 2-Factor Authentication

After validating e-mail ownership, the user selects a PIN. This PIN is neither transmitted nor stored. It lives within the app. If a device is lost or stolen the PIN would fail after a few incorrect attempts. The PIN is entered onto a key-pad so that even a keylogger could not detect the keys.

Invoicing: Only accessible through our secure portal, after logging in with our 2-FA App.

Accounting: Available only to authorised users. All data is encrypted: debits, credits, reference numbers, descriptions etc.

Databases: Each client has their own database. The key benefits are: A different encryption key per client and ease of customisation.

Messaging: Encrypted, real-time messaging: Property Managers, Tenants, Owners, Suppliers, Communities and Concierge.

E-Signing: No links are e-mailed. Users are notified to login and documents are only accessible from within the portal. E-Signing covers new contracts with Owners, Tenant rentals and Community Voting/Proxies.

Protecting Against Internal / Supplier Fraud:
Learn about additional in-built fraud risk mitigation controls.

IDcheck is awarded Top10 Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Solution Providers of 2021, by CIOLook.