Property Maintenance

Automated Workflows and Fraud Controls

Property Maintenance

The system provides comprehensive Maintenance Management, as well as multiple fraud risk mitigation controls.

Authorised Staff Approve Suppliers & All Fees
First, only authorised staff may approve new suppliers. Next, Suppliers enter detailed fees, per job category, including: call-out charges, billing increments, hourly, overtime, weekend and fixed rates. These fees must be approved in advance before the Supplier can be assigned any jobs.

Selecting the Lowest-Cost Suppliers
When a tenant places an order, the property manager selects apartment and job type (plumbing, snow removal etc.) and is only shown the top 3 cheapest suppliers, working on this job type and covering this location. One of these 3 suppliers is offered the job.

Further Supplier Approvals
When the supplier accepts a work order, if “hourly billing” is selected, pre-approved hourly rates are assigned automatically. No further changes can be made to hourly rates (without repeating the approval cycle). If Fixed is selected, thus far the system only holds price ranges for fixed jobs, so the Supplier now enters a fixed quote, which must also be approved. Finally Suppliers enter pricing for all spare parts needed on the job – once again these costs must be approved. The order details are sent back to the Property Manager for final sign-off and order approval.

Key Benefits: Fraud Prevention

These stringent controls prevent a number of different types of fraud. Without such controls, a supplier and staff member may collude to push up pricing in return for kickbacks, or suppliers may offer low hourly or fixed rates while making excessive margins on spare parts.

Automated Invoicing
Once the job is complete, invoices are created automatically based on system pricing of hourly and fixed rates, billing increments and spare part costs. This prevents Suppliers from changing terms and conditions and saves your staff considerable time as they no longer need to proof supplier invoice calculations. A final safeguard, is that only Authorised Finance Staff can wire out funds.

Tenant Feedback
The final step is Tenant Feedback and Ratings. They rate the supplier as well as the property manager’s handling of the case. An additional benefit is independent confirmation that the maintenance job actually took place.

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