Commissions & Transaction Management

Validate and Approve

Commissions & Transaction Management

Sales Staff
Staff enter the effective date of property rentals or sales but do not enter deal value.

Finance Team
The finance team will validate the commissions independently, to ensure no over-billing or double billing. For example two sales people registering a sale or rental for the same property within a certain period of time, would be flagged.

System-Generated Rental Values
Deal values for rentals are based on the Contractual Price signed within our E-Signing module, so values are system-generated. However two agents could claim to have rented the same property so an independent check is still required.

Validating Sales Values
For property Sales, the Transactions Management module allows your team to interact with legal to ensure figures match Closing Deal pricing. Once again unlikely duplicates are flagged.

Senior Management
Reports are provided of firm-wide commissions and show which are awaiting approval, approved or rejected.

Sales Staff
Each sales person has access to view their own commissions. Reports and functionality can be customised further.

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