User-Friendly, Automated Property Management


Industry norms are to offer discounts for scale. This means only larger firms, with greater revenues benefit. Our philosophy is equal treatment for all, so regardless of size everyone pays the same, for similar types of business. There are also no extra fees for additional users.

With our business model select and pay only for the modules you need. Add more functionality at any future date.

Where revenues per resident are generally lower (student/affordable housing) or when HOAs require only basic functionality, our pricing is discounted further, although we do charge a minimum monthly fee.

Purpose Price Per Unit
Self Storage, Residential, Senior Housing, Single & Multi-Family $1
Affordable Housing, Student Housing & Community Associations (HOAs & POAs) $0.75
Commercial $1.10

Purpose Price Per Transaction
Unlimited Users + Your Branding + Automated Reminders

$1 per contract
Online Payments
OpenBanking (Europe):
ACH (North America):
Card Fees:

Varies by Card Provider
Tenant Screening Depends on requirements